The amended constitution of


1.1 The association shall be known as

(hereinafter referred to as “The Association”).

1.2 The motto of the Association shall be “Trained for duty and for thee”.

1.3 The Secretariat of the Association shall be located within the school premises.


2.1 a. To promote cordial relationship and interaction among members.
b. To help maintain the highest educational standard in the school.

c. To use all resources available to ensure the adequate maintenance or improvement of infrastructures in the school.

2.2 a. To keep alive the moral and financial affection of members toward the
b. To help prepare students for life after school on career choices.

c. To increase the public understanding of BIFOBA and the role it is expected to play in promoting ethical conduct amongst members.


3.1 To raise money and loans in such manner as the Association may deem fit.

3.2 To print or publish any periodicals, books, leaflets, video, audio or any media, organize seminars, fairs or events that the Association may think desirable.

3.3 To set up any Committee to tackle any issue as it deems fit from time to time.

3.4 The Association shall do such things as may be incidental or conducive to the attainments of it‟s aims and objectives.


4.1 Membership of the Association shall be open to all old boys of the school who must have spent not less than two (2) academic years at Birch Freeman High School.

4.2 An old boy shall be considered a bona fide member when he satisfies subsection 1 of this section, participates in the affairs of the Association and fulfils his financial obligations.

4.3 Every member must pay an annual due to be determined by a simple majority of the fee paying members of the Association present or by proxy.


5.1 All bona fide members shall have the right to participate in all activities of the Association.

  1. 2 Have the right to use the facilities of the Association subject to the National

Executive Committee‟s approval.

5.3 Have the right to vote and be voted for, provided that:

a. Only members who must have spent not less than ten (10) years post graduation from the school shall have the right to vie for the Association‟s National Executive offices.

b. Only members who must have attended at least two General meetings of the Association in the fiscal year shall have the right to vie for the Association‟s
National offices.

c. For a bonafide member to vote, he must have attended at least two (2) of the Association‟s general meetings prior to the meeting when the election is being held. Such prior attendance must be in the same FISCAL year of the Election.


a. A bona fide member who so desires and upon giving seven business days notice to the Financial Secretary shall have the right to examine the books of the Association.

b. The Financial Secretary or the President shall have the right to provide names of donors and not their contact information, if in their opinion they believe that such information may be abused.

c. A member shall have the right to photocopies of documents at his own expense.


6.1 The organization of the Association shall comprise of a Board of Trustees, National Body, Branch and Class Sets.

6.2 The affairs of the Association shall be vested in the National Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the N.E.C.)

6.3 Each branch shall consist of members who reside together in any part of the country.

6.4 A class set shall consist of members who shall have entered and left the school in specific years.

6.5 Every branch/class set shall be bound by the provisions of this constitution. Any branch/set constitution that is inconsistent with any provisions of this constitution shall be void as to the extent of the inconsistency.

6.6 The National Body/Branch/Class Set shall reserve the right to request for assistance from each other as the need arises.

SECTION 7: National Executive Committee

7:1 The running of the Association shall be vested in the National Executive Committee and shall consist of all National Officers and 2 Ex-officio members. The ex-officio members shall be decided by the National Officers on a simple majority vote.

7.2 Any member who did not attain office by election conducted by a quorum of bona fide members will not be recognized as an officer except in the case of the of the ex-officio members.

7.3 The N.E.C shall have the power to make rules and regulations for the day to day management of the Association except in the case of Membership rules where two thirds majority vote of the Board of Trustees will be required for such membership rule change to be effective.

7.4 The N.E.C shall have power to raise funds or materials in furtherance of the activities of the Association. However, two thirds majority approval of the Board of Trustees will be required to borrow money in total excess of One Million Naira or equivalent at any material time. This limit can be raised by the Board of Trustees by a simple majority vote.

7.5 The N.E.C shall have power to make expenditures or commence projects on behalf of the Association. Should any unforeseen expenditure whose total sum will exceed ten percent (10) of the approved budget arise, the President shall submit a supplemental Budget for approval by a simple majority of the Board of Trustees.

7.6 a. The tenure of elected members of the NEC of branch Associations shall be for two years provided that an officer shall be eligible to re-contest for a final two year term for the office he is holding.

b. A N.E.C member may contest for another elective office subject to sub-section C of this section.

c. i. A person having failed to get re-elected to office after his first term may re-contest in the future for a single term only for the same office or two terms for a different office subject to sub sections ii and iii below.

ii. A person having been elected Vice President for 2 terms cannot contest the other Vice Presidential position but can contest any other office.

iii. A person having been elected President for any term cannot contest any other Elective office.


The National Officers will not earn any salary.

The offices shall be as follows:

i. President

ii. Vice President 1 School and Parents/Teachers Association Relations (UPS)

iii. Vice President 2 Government Relations (VPG)

iv. General Secretary

v. Assistant General Secretary

vi. Financial Secretary

vii. Treasurer

viii. Publicity Secretary.

ix. Internal Auditor

x. 2 Ex-officio members.


a. Head the Association
b. Preside over all meetings
c. Convene through the General-Secretary all the meetings of the Association.
d. Co-ordinate the activities of all other officers of the Association in the performance of their duties.
e. Be a signatory to the correspondence of the Association and first signatory of bank accounts.
f. Discharge all duties incidental to his powers.
g. Delegate such of his powers as he may deem fit.
h. The President shall present an annual report to the AGM.
i. Be an „A” signatory to the Association accounts.
j. Present a budget of the Association at the Annual General Meeting.


a. Liaise with the school authorities before every general meeting and update the Association about events in the school. Also keep the school and PTA informed about events in the school. Also keep the school and PTA informed about any Association activity relevant to the school and PTA.

b. Attend PTA meetings (Parent/Teachers Association) so as to harmonize PTA and Association activities.

c. Liaise with the President, and Vice President 11 (Government Relation) to ensure that money voted for projects in the school are properly released adn used for the project they were earmarked for.

d. Bring to the attention of the OBA any crisis that may be brewing in the school & Follow through on implementation of all projects in the school and send in progress reports from time to time.

e. Work in conjunction with the Principal to prepare annual budgets for the school in good time so that the OBA can assist in raising funds from Government and private sources to meet budgetary needs of the school.

Duties of The Vice President- Government

a. Liaise with the President ,and Vice President – School to ensure money voted for projects in the school are properly released and used for the project they were earmarked for.

b. Be very conversant with laws passed by the Federal and State Legislators as it may affect the school and inform students through the Vice President 1 of any bursary, scholarships or academic opportunities that may be available to them.


a. Perform all the Secretariat duties of the Association.

b. Summoning after consultation with the President, all meetings of the Association.

c. Recording and keeping the minutes of all such meetings.

d. Keeping and up-to-date roll of members and their current addresses.

e. Handling and signing all correspondence of the Association in conjunction with the President or appointed representative.

f. Performing all such other duties as may be delegated him by the President.

g. The Secretariat shall keep an imprest account to be determined by the NEC.

h. Be an „A‟ signatory to the account of the Association.


a. Assist the General Secretary in the performance of his duties and act for him in his absence.

b. Perform such duties as may be delegated to him by the General Secretary.


a. Collect all monies of the Association and hand such monies over to the Treasurer or pay into the bank as soon as possible, but not later than three working days of such monies being collected by him.

b. Keep an up-to-date account of all monies collected and transferred to the treasurer.

c. Make his book of account available to the NEC and the auditor on request.

d. Be a „B‟ signatory to the Association account.

e. Prepare an annual budget and submit to the President for Presentation to the Board of Trustees for approval before the AGM.

f. Prepare the financial position of the Association and submit to the Internal Auditor every six months of the Association fiscal year.


a. Deposit all monies collected from the Financial Secretary or other sources to the

Association‟s Bank account within three working days.

b. Keep an up to date account of money received or paid out by him.

c. Make his book of account available to the NEC on request.

d. Submit his books for examination to the Auditors on demand.


Audit the books of the association every 6 months and make a report To the NEC of his findings.


An External Auditor Shall be appointed by the trustees once a year to audit

the books of the OBA and make findings to the entire membership. Provided the auditor so appointed will not be a member of the Trustee or NEC. Remuneration for the external auditor shall be determined by the N.E.C.

An External Auditor can be appointed within or outside the OBA Membership.


a. Publicize meetings and Association functions with funds allocated for such meetings or functions.

b. Work with the media to ensure the Association is given maximum publicity.

c. Announce the Association official position on issues after consultation with the President.

d. Co-ordinate all Association events in conjunction with the NEC.

e. Maintains regular contacts by mail, e-mail, phone or any other communication medium with members to ensure they are informed about Association activities.


9.1 The Executive Committee shall meet as often as the business of the Association shall require but not less than (4) times a year.

9.2 The Quorum of the NEC meeting shall consist of President, or any Vice President, AND the General Secretary or Assistant General Secretary and 3 other members of the NEC. However, if the subject of the NEC meeting is to discuss the conduct of the President, any Vice President or General Secretary or Assistant General Secretary , the Quorum will be any five members of the NEC.


10.1 General meeting to be held bi-monthly on the third Sunday of every other month at 3:00 p.m or on such day and time as may be decided by a simple majority of the National Executive Council or members present at a General meeting. The months shall be; January, March, May, July, September and November.

10.2 The NEC may call an Extra ordinary General Meeting outside these months mentioned in 10.1 above and as at when necessary.

10.3 A quorum for a General Meeting will be President or any of the Vice Presidents and the General Secretary or the Assistant General Secretary and at least ten

(10) bonafide members of the Association present. In the event of the key Officers mentioned not being present a quorum will be any four members of the NEC and fifteen (15) bonafide members of the association present.

10.4 The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in the Month of April except in exceptional circumstances.

10.5 Where due to the reasons stated in 10.4 above, the meeting cannot hold,
It shall be held at a time and place to be fixed by the National Executive Council.

10.6 The annual General Meeting shall:

a. Receive and discuss reports from the President ,and External Auditors.

b. In an election year , Inaugurate the new Executive officers.

c. Do any other such business as the provisions of the Constitution may permit.



11.1 Nomination of candidates into elective posts of the Association shall be
taken at the September meeting preceding the January Meeting when
elections will be held.

11.2 All bonafide members of the Association have the right to vote and be voted for subject however to the provisions of Section 5 (3) (a) (c) above.

11.3 An Electoral Committee of three (3) bonafide members shall be elected at

the September meeting before the January General Meeting when elections will be held.

11.4 All candidates for Elected Executive offices must make a presentation before the general House on the November meeting prior to the January meeting which elections will be held .

11.5 Should Elections fail to hold as at when due, the Affairs of the OBA will be

run by the Trustees at the expiration of the term of the executive and the Trustees must conduct an Election within 60 Days to Elect a new executive.

11.6 Tenure

The Tenure of the executive will be Two years from the AGM in which they were inaugurated. In the case of a mid term election to replace an officer whose office has been declared Vacant , the newly elected officer will serve out the term of the officer who he is replacing and may re-contest if qualified.

11.7 The Electoral Committee shall:

a. Organise and supervise all elections and by-elections with utmost good faith.

b. Exercise it‟s power independently without any influence from any quarters, but subject to this constitution.

c. Receive the nomination of candidate for the elections and determine the eligibility or otherwise of any candidate.

d. Voting shall be by show or hands of a method agreed to by electoral Committee.

e. To be elected an officer, the candidate must win (fifty one) 51% of the total votes of the members present at the election otherwise a run off election shall be conducted between the best two candidates for that office.

f. The Electoral Committee shall not be a standing Committee.

11 (5) An Office Shall Become Vacant if:

a. The holder tenders his written resignation. Such a letter shall be debated and accepted by members at the next General meeting.

b. The holder is removed from office for gross violations of this constitution or found guilty of fraud or embezzlement of funds.

b. The holder is found one way or the other to be incapable of performing the functions of his office.

  1. 6 To remove an elected officer, the following procedure must be

a. A written complaint is made to the National Executive Committee and a copy submitted to the officer concerned who will have 30 days to respond in writing. After his response the National Executive Committee will conduct an inquiry into the matter and make their recommendation to the general meeting which may remove or retain the officer by a simple majority vote.

b. An officer against whom an allegation has been made in writing and served the complaint will be deemed to have resigned his office if he fails to respond within the stipulated thirty (30) days.

c. The electoral committee constituted by members present at the general meeting will have the next general meeting to fill the vacancy by election. Provided however, that the President shall have the power to appoint a temporary officer to fill the vacancy pending elections. Such appointee shall be eligible to contest the election.


a. A member having failed to win an election and suspect fraud in the voting process can request a recount of the votes once or inspect ballots if used. The results of the recount is final.

b. A member having failed to win an election but believes that some members who voted did not satisfy Section 5.3 part C of this Constitution can appeal to the Board of Trustees to have the votes of such members invalidated. The Council shall use the remaining valid votes to decide the winner.

c. The results of any election cannot be disputed by a member who did not contest the office in whose results are being disputed. Only loosing members of an elected office can dispute the results of the office they are contesting for.


12.1 Committees may be created from time to time by the N.E.C or the General meeting to handle specific matters.

12.2 The association shall appoint members into the following Committees.

a. Academic Committee
b. Physical Environment Committee
c. Welfare Committee
d. Sports Committee
e. Social Committee

12.3 The academic committee shall be headed by the Vice-President 1-School affairs and it shall:

a. Look into the academic standards of the school and suggest to the N.E.C on ways to improve it.

12.4 The Physical Environment Committee of the school shall be headed by a member of the N.E.C.

a. It shall look into the Physical Environment of the school.

b. Suggest ways in which the beauty and serenity of the school may be maintained as an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence.

12.5 Welfare Committee

The welfare committee shall:

a. See to the welfare of members and students in the best possible way.

12.6 Sports Committee

The Sports Committee shall in conjunction with the school co-ordinate sporting activities in the school and shall be headed by a member of the N.E.C.

12.7 Social Committee

The Committee shall be headed by a member of the NEC.

a. Shall co-ordinate societies in the school e.g Debating Society, Boys Scouts, etc.

b. Work with the Association to plan social events for the students.
c. Maintain the Music Program of the school.
d. Educate the students against cultism.
e. Educate the students on Health Hazards e.g. HIV/AIDS.
f. Educate the students against damaging school property.
g. Educate the students against smoking and drugs.
h. Encourage freedom of Religion and the fear of God.
i. And any programme that may be beneficial to the growth of the school.

12.8 All Committees so constituted stand dissolved at the end of the term of the Executive that constituted them.

12.9 All Committees shall:

a. Have not less than three (3) members, and not more than seven (7) members.

b. The members are eligible for re-election at all times.

b. Regulate their own proceedings.


13.1 The financial year of the Association shall committee in April and end in March of the year following:

13.2 The finances of the Association shall include annual dues, donations, gifts and endowments.

13.3 The Association shall maintain both savings and current accounts at reputable banks.

13.4 The signatories to the Association‟s accounts shall be laid out in this constitution.

13.5 The President shall present a budget before the end of the Association‟s financial year to the Board of Trustees and the budget will be considered approved by simple majority of the board of Trustees.

13.6 In the case of Delay of Approval by the board of Trustees , the NEC is empowered to spend no more than 50% of their budget for each line item to keep the affairs of the association going until the budget is approved.

13.7 The Board of Trustees can approve the budget presented partially or in whole.


14.1 All elected officers and appointed officers of the Association shall hand over all the Association properties in their possession to their successor or to the President as the circumstances may dictate.

14.2 The handing over of the Association‟s property shall take place not more than fourteen (14) days after a person leaves office.


15.1 Except where otherwise provided in this constitution, all decisions shall be by a simple majority vote of members present at that meeting.

15.2 Where there is a deadlock in the voting, the person presiding shall have a casting vote.

15.3 During meetings the person presiding shall use his power to permit members to speak.

15.4 No member except the President or the person presiding shall have reason to interrupt a member who is addressing the Associations meeting.

15.5 No member shall leave the meeting without obtaining permission from the presiding officer.

15.6 Members shall ensure their presence and prompt attendance at meetings.


16.1 The General Secretary shall provide for the safe custody of the seal of the Association.

16.2 Where the seal is affixed to a document, such document shall be signed by the President and General Secretary except where the document is a cheque.


17.1 There shall be appointment as honorary members and patrons of the Association persons who by reasons of their contributions to the development of the school and Nigerian society are deemed fit by the N.E.C.

17.2 The list of honorary members and patrons shall be reviewed by the Trustees from time to time.


18.1 There shall be established for the Association a Board of Trustees.

18.2 The Board of Trustees shall consist of all past Presidents of the Association with three (3) elected members representing a board spectrum of the Association and the Chairman shall be picked from amongst themselves. Provided that a President who was removed from office shall forfeit his right of membership to the Board of Trustees.


a. A person having become a Board of Trustees member by reason of having been a past President of the Association cannot resigned his membership or be removed as a member except declared medically unfit by a competent doctor.

c. All board membership not being by virtue of being an ex-President must be by election for a single term of two (2) years with option of re-election for another

2 Year term.

c. Any member of the NEC cannot be elected into the Board‟s membership.

d. Board members must meet at least twice a year to review the activities of the Association.

d. Only bonafide members can be elected to the board and such member may not necessarily have attended prior general meetings before such election.

e. All Members of the board must attend at least one general meeting in a fiscal year or be fined a prescribed amount to be determined by the house.


19.1 A motion for the amendment of all or part of this Constitution shall have been introduced and debated at two (2) meetings prior to the one in which a final vote is held.

19.2 The constitution may be amended by a two – third (2/3) majority votes of the bonafide members present.


Francis Van-Lare

Wole Shebioba
General Secretary